Let’s see what you know about basic grammar rules!

Follow any “Links” below and try a short exercise to see how well you understand the grammar point. 


Button Quiz ArticlesArticles – (a, an, the):  Remember, use artictles to “mark” nouns.  “a & an” are indefinite articles, while “the” is the definite article.

“Present” Verb Tenses

Button Quiz Present Simple (I walk)


Button Quiz Present Continuous(I am walking)


Button Quiz Present Perfect (I have walked)
Button Quiz Present Perfect Continuous(I have been walking)

“PAST” Verb Tenses

Button Quiz Past Simple(I walked)


Button Quiz Past Continuous(I was walking)


Button Quiz Past Perfect(I had walked)
Button Quiz Past Perfect Continuous(I had been walking)

“FUTURE” Verb Tenses

Button Quiz Future Simple(I will walk)  (am going to)


Button Quiz Future Continuous(I will be walking)


Button Quiz Future Perfect(I will have walked)
Button Quiz Future Perfect Continuous(I will have been walking)