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Sharpe English

Whether you are looking for a professional Business English course, wanting to improve your grammar, writing or speaking skills, or getting ready to take your IELTS exam, we provide the courses that are interesting, challenging, and affordable.  Select one of the three below, based on your personal requirements, and read more about the course and pricing options.

Sharpe English Business

Business English

English course for large and small businesses.

Grammar and Conversation

English Grammar

Make a great first impression!  Let us help.

IELTS Test Preparation

IELTS Training

Complete IELTS test preparation and one on one practice.

I really enjoy working with Sharpe English.  I am in Paris and have found my conversational and Business English skills have improved dramatically.  I have more confidence speaking English in a professional environment, and have increased writing emails more quickly and accurately. I would highly recommend Sharpe English (and I have!) to any professional working to improve their English.

Elodie G.

Bar Training School of Paris; Paris, France

Sharpe English gave me the skills I needed to earn a score of 8.0 on the IELTS exam.  I can’t say it was easy, but Rob Sharpe was very disciplined on his approach to help me improve my writing and speaking skills.  I have absolutely no regrets taking my classes with Sharpe English.  If you really want to learn English…this is the place to go!

Paulo H.

Engineer; Teresina, Brazil

My wife and I are IT Specialists.  We both take lessons with Sharpe English.  Each of us have different learning requirements and I am pleased to say that our classes are very interesting and productive.  With Rob Sharpe’s wide range of professional experience and education, he really shows us how to apply what we are learning in our career as well as in life.

Mehmet G.

Owner; Istanbul, Turkey , Proj-e Software Development Company

I enjoy my lessons with Sharpe English.  I find they are responsive to my requirements to work on my grammar and work related (Project Management) studies. The classes are interesting, professional, and very informative!

Eliz G.

Owner; Istanbul, Turkey , Proj-e Software Development Company

I am an IT manager for an international software company.  Recently, I had to travel to a client’s office in the US to develop a stronger working relationship with them. During this travel, I started taking English classes with Sharpe English and it was extraordinary how fast I improved my communication skills (speaking and writing).   Now I feel much more comfortable when leading a meeting or writing emails to other managers. Rob is very clear, concise and dynamic when teaching, I totally recommend his classes.

Juan A.

IT Manager, Buenos Aires, Argentina, In All Media

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