Pronunciation is difficult for many non-native English speakers.    Practicing the basic sounds slowly, clearly, and often is the key to correct pronunciation. We recommend that you practice in very short time durations (Maximum of five minutes.)  Concentrate and make great effort to pronounce these sounds the same way you hear them.  Do this daily, several times a day in very short practice sessions.  You will be surprised how much you will improve!

More  Words with the TH voiced:

that, than, the, their, then, there’s, they, they’d, they’ll, they’ve, this, those, themselves, thereforemother, other, bother, brother breathing, clothing, father, feather, gathering, lather, other, rather, soothing, weather, worthy,


Their mother was gathering the clothes.

They’ve had a lot of bother with the

They’d rather gather those berries with their

There’s their other brother, together with their

Therefore they’d rather go


More  Words with the TH voiceless:

thank, thick, thief, thin, think, thing, three, thousand, Thursday, thirty-eight,

athlete, author, nothing, toothache, wealthy, everything, worthwhile, anything

bath, earth, teeth, cloth, north, myth, mouth, youth, faith, underneath


She thanked the wealthy author on Thursday for the third time.

I think the athlete ran three thousand metres to the north.

There is a myth that when you reach thirty-three you have lost your youth.

There is nothing worthwhile in a thunderstorm.

I think the thin thief ran north with the cloth underneath his arm


More  Words with the W sound:

we, went, west, wet, wetter, weather, wed, wedding, were, wedge, week, well, will, wait

wade, wag, wafer, wage, wagon, wake, window, wine,  with, without, winter, wonder, wander



William went west and wandered into Wisconson.

We want to buy some wine for the wake.

The weather for the winter wonderland show will be wet and without wagons.

Wanda will use a wedge to fix Wally’s window.

This week we will wait to eat wafers with wine near the water.