“You only have one chance to make a good first impression.” …Unknown

Improve your writing skills!

For most people learning English, writing is something they try to avoid.  The problem is, writing something as an email or a letter, lasts forever!  So a grammar mistake here simply won’t go away.  It can be embarrassing.  Writing is a skill that needs practice and a teacher to help with corrections.

Grammar Study

Do you struggle with verb tense?  Do you know the eight parts of speech and how to use them? How about modal verbs? Gerunds vs infinitives? Build your confidence by finally having someone not only explain how to use grammar correctly, but why we use certain rules.


Yes, you must talk a lot to improve your English.  But you need to do this with a native English speaker who will give you feedback in a detailed and positive way. This is our most popular class!

If you want to be taken seriously, use good grammar!

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Our Price Options

Five Session "Grammar"Course - $100 (USD)

Five Sessions – (55 min)  This  course moves quickly through all materials and practices and is designed for people familiar with grammar or who would like a brief overview. This is also an excellent class to practice your speaking, listening, and writing skills.

Ten Session "Grammar" Course - $200 (USD)

Ten Sessions – (55 min)  This is an in-depth course on grammar usage and rules.  You have an opportunity to focus on writing, grammar rules, or conversational and pronunciation skill development.

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