Do you have questions?  Maybe our FAQ can help!

Do I have to use Skype with Video?

No, some students prefer to keep the video turned off so they can focus more on listening.  Video is not required!


Do you offer discounts?

Certainly!  When you take a five or twelve session plan from any of our classes, you will notice a great discount price!


I do not have a good internet connection, can I still take classes?

During our initial trial session we can evaluate our connection. We can only help you learn if we can speak and listen clearly.


Can I record our session?

The sessions are purchased as a one time class and can not be recorded.  However, we can help you with follow-up materials and resources!


Can I cancel a session?

Yes, if you follow our 24 hour cancellation policy, we can always reschedule. However, there are no refunds. Please read the Terms and Conditions for further clarification.


Can I book sessions longer than 50 minutes?

Absolutely!  We have several students who have booked two classes “back-to-back” giving them 110 minute sessions!



Do you correct writing as part of class?

Yes, writing is a great way to improve your English!  We will correct your work together and discuss how to improve it!



Can I pay with a Credit Card??

Certainly!  We use the Paypal site for all payments. It is the most secure and protected payment methods on the internet. You may use the site to make a credit card or PayPal payment and feel secure knowing your finances are safe!


Is this one of those websites where you just talk to someone who knows English or is it a REAL teaching site?

GREAT question!  We use interactive software for teaching grammar, vocabulary, verbs, and many more topics.  We have over 350 online lessons we use with our students. These lessons come with homework that the student completes online, in their own time.  We also have PDF assignments with links to TED videos that include vocabulary questions, discussion questions, and grammar lessons.  Once you are a student, you also have access to all the additional Sharpe English support materials as well.